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1) The Chanich will understand the connection between the trust placed on a person and that persons mission.

2) The chanich will understand that taking responsibility follows giving responsibility, and what are the borders of responsibility.

3) An understanding of what is social responsibility, and that its derivative is social action!

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Remembrance And Renewal-yom Ha'atzmaut (sicha...

The chanichim should leave the sicha understanding

(1) The power of Yom Haatzmaut how all these different Jews came together to fight as an Am and why it was it was so important for the Jews in 1948 to have an independent Jewish State.

(2) The battle for Yom Haatzmaut applies to us today and we can only truly appreciate it when looking at it as part of a cycle of the hardships of Jewish History (Yom Hashoah and Yom HaZicaron).

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