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The Kibutz

החניך ילמד מעט על הקיבוץ ועל צורת החיים שבו.

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The Nature Of Prayer

To learn how could man speak to G-d, how could a mere finite mortal influence a transcending infinite plane and how does one know what to say? 

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Short Article
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Kedusha Of A Shul

Kedusha of a Shul (a)To learn that a shul has kedusha but this is a concept that has to be explained. Kedusha has to do with a Sefer Torah.

Kedusha of a Shul (b)Learn the different comentators point of view of kedusha in a shul (Ramban, Ran, Rambam)

Kedusha of a Shul (c)Learn the differences between a shul and a Beit Hamikdash

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