Shiur - Aula

Shabat Hagadol Limud & Comics

לקראת שבת הגדול- לימוד קצר לחניכים וקומיקס מגניב

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Ba Games Manual

The A- Z guide of games for any peulah, tochnit or shiur

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G. 39. Computers

A creative and hilarious crystallization or thematic evening game.

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Peula - Atividade

Estilos De Asentamientos

ver las distintas formas de asentamiento que hay como ser Moshav, Kibutz o Ishuv

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Israels Posters
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This site is built to allow leaders to share programmes and also to act as an archive of programmes that have been written previously. The site includes programmes on: jewis identity, Zionism, alyiah, israel and games