Variety Of Opinions In The Israeli Media


שהתלמיד יכיר את הדעות השונות והמגוונות בתקשורת הישראלית

שהתלמיד ילמד כי לפני שמגיעים למסקנה / דעה בנושא מסוים כדאי וצריך להעמיק ולברר בנושא. ויש לנסות ולראות כמה שיותר חלקים מהתמונה הכוללת.

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Living With Dignity In A World Gone Insane


1. You will learn that resistance during the Holocaust took many forms.

2. You will develop an awareness of conditions under which resistance is feasible.

3. You will study what types of resistance took place and where.

4. You will learn of the conditions under which survivors lived, and how incredible any resistance at all might have been.

5. You will understand the obstacles to Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.

6. You will be able to use your March experience, to cite specific instances of heroic resistance by Jews during the Holocaust despite incredible odds.

7. You will be able to respond appropriately to the accusation that Jews went to their death like "sheep to the slaughter."

8. You will understand and be able to support the position of "Survival as Resistance."

9. You may redefine what the word "resistance" means to you now.

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Succot Crossword Puzzle

תשבץ שבסיומו יוצר את המילה "חג סוכות"

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Mono pessah

Jeu sur pessah (mono poly..)

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Operation against Hamas, in Gaza
Operation against Hamas, in Gaza
Allkinds of links about the operation, Humanitarian issues, Hamas, methods and information, Israeli victims.