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Escape From Russia

To give the chanichim an experience which will help them comprehend what it is like to live in an oppressive society and remind them to appreciate their own freedom.

To discuss how

Israel should deal with the mass aliyah from the former


Ethiopia and how we must relate to new olim.

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Seder--v'hi Sheamda

Show the history of people trying to destroy the Jews, and how we must trust Hashem to protect us as He always has

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Yom Hazikaron Ceremony

Order of the Tekes (ceremony)

- yom hazikaron

- light the candles

- yizkor

- el male rahamim

- paratroopers cry

- unknown soldiers

- how can I bless him

- tfila leshlom hamedina

- tfila lhayaley tzahal

- singing- ani mamin

- singing- hatikva

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All Together Now- Arba Minim

Goals: To teach the chanichim that

1. Every person has something special and different to contribute to the Klal.

2. Achdut means bringing different people together for a common goal.

3. This is the message of the Arba Minim

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