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Acquaintance games

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A-z Games

Many  ideas games to add in peula

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To get to know everyone

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The goal of this Peula is to discuss some aspects of Gevura with the kids, but we are also trying to let them get to know each other, so it’ll have the characteristics of an ice breaker

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Ice Breakers

To get the chanachim to get to now eachother within their kvutza

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Ice Breakers

To allow the chanachim to get to know each other and their madrachim - to break the ice!

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Pourim En Mahané

Descriptif du projet pédagogique :

Transmettre aux hanihims les idéaux fondamentaux de la fête de Pourim au travers de peoulot, chacune étant liée à l’une des mitzvot de Pourim, tout au long de la semaine du mahané.

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