Aryeh Levin-born

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Ivri Date: 6 Nissan, 5745

English Date: 22 March, 1885

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Rabbi Aryeh Levin, (March 22, 1885 - March 28, 1969), affectionally known as Reb Aryeh, was an Orthodox rabbi who was known as "The Tzadik ("saint") of Jerusalem" for his kindness and attention to the poor, sick and downtrodden elements of society, and as "The Father of Prisoners" for his work with members of the Jewish Underground movements who were imprisoned by the British in the central prison of Jerusalem in the Russian Compound during the British Mandate period and with convicted criminals. Notwithstanding his activism, he behaved with extreme modesty and humility, exuding a quiet, personal warmth that touched many Jews, both religious and secular. One of his daughters married Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv, who is the long-time leader of Lithuanian Haredi Jewry in Israel.

Rabbi Levin was the subject of the book A Tzaddik in Our Time: The life of Rabbi Aryeh Levin by Simcha Raz.

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Aryeh Levin-born