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Souviens Toi De Ce Que T'as Fait Amalek

Réfléchir sur la mémoire et ce que ça veut dire souvenir.

Savoir pourquoi il est important de se souvenir.

Apprendre quon est obligé de se souvenir dAmalek, et de ce quils ont fait.

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peoula (activite)

A Good Jew

For the chanichim to understand what we (Bnei Akiva) is the ideal Jew

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A Hero Means To Just Be Yourself

Goal: That the Chanichim will understand the importance of preserving and standing for our ideals and uniqueness as individuals and a nation, and see the connection to the Mityavnim the Jews that assimilated with the Greeks.

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Wat maakt je Joods?

Chanichim te laten discussieren en een keuze te laten maken bepaalde oppervlakkige en minder oppervlakkige joodse eigenschappen, en bepalen wat ze belangrijk vinden. Met als doel dat ze erover gaan nadenken.

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peoula (activite)

Be An Israeli

1. Shaw the Chanichim different sides in the Israeli character.

2. Have them understand that being Israeli is a very different and better lifestyle.

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Centrality Of The Beit Hamikdash And Yerushal...

Chevraya Aleph: Grades 1-6

Goal: To teach the chanichim the central role Yerushalayim plays in the Jewish world, and how this is seen through Aliyah LRegel, and in Shmoneh Esreh.

Zach Grades 7-8

Goal: To teach the chanichim the centrality of Yerushalayim and the Beit Hamikdash, and how we should always be focused on it (whether by living there or by keeping it in our minds).

Chevraya Bet Grades 9-12

Goal: For the chanichim to understand why it is that all Jews, religious and secular alike, feel a kesher with Yerushalayim and see it as the center of the Jewish World

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peoula (activite)


Goal: The chanichim should understand the role that the Jewish community plays in fighting assimilation. They should understand which aspects of it are most important and why. They should also see how serious the problem of assimilation is and determine ways we can fight it.

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1. Presentación de conflictos:

Describe a los participantes un conflicto que se desarrollara entre dos personas, la historia del conflicto la comienza a contar el madrij y se debe parar el relato en el medio; en ese momento se escogen dos participantes y se les pide continuar el conflicto en vivo...

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Davening Today In A Shul

To learn the place of a shul today and the importance of davening with a tsibur and/or in a shul.

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Dear Rina

A letter for Rina from Yoni Netanyaho

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