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Peoula Sur Le Horban

Faire comprendre aux Hanihim pourquoi le 2e Beth Hamikdash a été detruit .

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peoula (activite)

Centrality Of The Beit Hamikdash And Yerushal...

Chevraya Aleph: Grades 1-6

Goal: To teach the chanichim the central role Yerushalayim plays in the Jewish world, and how this is seen through Aliyah L’Regel, and in Shmoneh Esreh.

Zach Grades 7-8

Goal: To teach the chanichim the centrality of Yerushalayim and the Beit Hamikdash, and how we should always be focused on it (whether by living there or by keeping it in our minds).

Chevraya Bet Grades 9-12

Goal: For the chanichim to understand why it is that all Jews, religious and secular alike, feel a kesher with Yerushalayim and see it as the center of the Jewish World

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Destruction & Redemption

Goals: The chanichim will understand that even though we morn the חורבן, חורבן in itself is the first step of the גאולה.

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peoula (activite)


The chanichim should get a feel of what life in galut felt like for the Jewish People from the time of Churban Beit Hamikdash until Hakamat Hamedinah.

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Jerusalem And Unity

To teach the chanichim about the essential nature of unity in Jerusalem

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Kiddush Hashem- 3 Cardinal Sins

Goals: Teach about Shfichut Damim, Gilui Arayot and Avodah Zara, the three cardinal sins. Discuss why, even though life is so sacred, we are obligated to die instead of committing them.

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Love Your Neighbor As Your Self

To discuss the mitzvah of V’Ahavta L’Reicha Kamocha (love your neighbor as you love yourself.)

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Mitzvot Bein Adom Lechaveiro

·      To get people to be nicer to each other

·      To realise that it isn’t just a nice idea to be nice to each other but so much more

·      To learn that without loving yourself first there is no mitzvah

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peoula (activite)


for the chanichim to understand about the mashiach, when, why and for what it will come

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Article court
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peoula (activite)

Shabbat Exile & Redemption

Goals: The chanichim will understand that redemption is a product of the combined effort of both God and ourselves.The chanichim will understand that גלות isn't necessarily a dark, sad bad place, rather a situation when one is distanced from his origin, his real self, his natural state. For example, Am Yisrael's natural and ideal state is living as a nation in Eretz Yisrael. Am Yisrael's essential way of life is by the Torah. Not being connected to those two puts Am Yisrael in a state of גלות.  The chanichim will understand that Am Yisrael is one unit, an organic being, and inseparable.

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The Churban


Why was the Beit HaMikdash destroyed?

The Churban


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