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Short Article
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Assertive Rights


1. Desarrollar las posibilidades de autoconocimiento y de ejercicio asertivo de la autoconfianza. 2. Propicia en el participante la exploración de la autoafirmación, sus alcances y límites.

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Tamuz 17th

Goals: The chanichim will understand that רבן יוחנן בן זכאי and חז"ל created different ways for עם ישראל to remember בית המקדש and to continue throughout the ages to hope and pray for its rebuilding. In addition, the chanichim will internalize the idea that it’s worth pursuing goals that seem far off or that won’t necessarily actualize in our own times, because it’s the people who dream that start and get others to complete the task. For example, even though it seems that one Jew making aliya or teaching about it won't make a big difference, it takes those people to get the weal turning.

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Mono pessah

Jeu sur pessah (mono poly..)

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