Pesel Micha

Goal: The chanichim should see from this story the anarchy and immoral behavior that took place during the time of the Shoftim, largely because there was no king or strong central leader in charge. They will also see the irony and the backwardness shown in this story by the people who should be leaders.

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Time And Purpose

To learn about Korach and his rebellion; To consider the purpose of arguments; To make the most of the time we have

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aprender sobre las fiestas en jodesh Tishrei

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Me In The Mirror


1.      החניך יבין שלכל אדם יכולת ומטרות אחרות

2.      החניך יתמודד עם המציאות והלחצים שיש על האדם

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La Galout

·        Expliquer l’alliance entre ה' et אברהם אבינו.

·        Définir ce qu’est la גלות et expliquer les différents avis sur la גלות

Expliquer que nous sommes dans le processus de délivrance et que les enfants d’ אברהם retourne sur leur terre

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