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From Greece To Rome: The Intermediate Years

To learn about Jerusalems leadership in between the rules of Greece and Rome. To learn about the Essenes and their unique way of life.

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I Care!!!

The goal:

Each day we find people that dont care enough about things around them.

Your Chanichim will understand, that we have to learn to take care about the people around us, and to think about them sometimes, like we want them to think about us. If we want a healthy and good society, we have to work on our Midot! .

We need to pay attention not only for our selfs, and family. We need to pay attention also for people that we dont know, and to take care for them, too.

The Chanichim will understand, that to take care isnt only in the big things, it is also in the little things, during the day, and we need to get use to this idea.

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Peulah For Shabbat Parashat Korach

Goal: The point of this Peulah is to teach the children about peer pressure, not because it has anything to do with the parsha necessarily. You should talk about peer pressure while at the same time stressing the importance of

Israel and other things. If you dont know how to, just make something up the kids will have no idea.

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What Do You Think About Helenization?

Objetivos: Hacer un debate del tema con preguntas sobre la helenización y asimilación en el pasado y en el presente./ Debatir sobre la pregunta: El interiorizarse en otras culturas perjudica o ayuda a la nuestra?

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