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Why Do We Celebrate Tu Bishvat Now?

The movie popped the question why are we celebrate Tu Bishvat on this date

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Independence Day

To teach the chanichim basic things about

Israel that they are familiar with but do not know enough about.

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Tu Bishvat's Songs

מצגת עם שירים לט"ו בשבט

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Hagshama Tu Bishbat Program
Hagshama Tu Bishbat Program
A Fully organized idea for a Program based on who wants to be a millionaire for Tu Bishvat with Prizes - all needed is attached. special for 60 Years of Israel
60 years to Israel kit
60 years to Israel kit
A kit marking 60 years to the State of Israel. Include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvari Torah, etc., in Hebrew and English
A state in pictures
A state in pictures
Historical Pictures with explanations Arranged by dates and topics