The Power Of Speech

Aleph:1. To learn about Lashon Hara

           2. To understand that speech is precious Bet:    1. To understand the power that speech holds

           2. To learn about the dangers of Lashon Hara

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A Kano

Do you know where

Kano is? Look it up on the map of

Nigeria in

West Africa. 1963. Fall. But who in that climate of eternal heat, on the border of the


Desert, knows whether it is fall or spring?

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Achdut Am Israel

The Goal: understanding that Am Israel need to stay united and this is   the key for its power. Every individual is unique and special, and has a lot to contribute to the collective. Every individual is important ant crucial for the success of Am Israel.

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Station Activity-personal Experience

העמקת הקשר לזכרון השואה תוך כדי חוויה אישית

הבנה שאין לעמ"י אף מקום פרט לא"י

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