The State Of The Land - Eretz Yisrael 100 Yea...


To present a picture of Eretz Yisrael 100 years ago in terms of the desolate state of the land and the small size and concentration of the Jewish population.  This description should serve as a backdrop to the future discussions on reclaiming and  rebuilding the Land of Israel.

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The Nature Of Prayer

To learn how could man speak to G-d, how could a mere finite mortal influence a transcending infinite plane and how does one know what to say? 

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Israel Murder Mystery

get the chanichim excited and a bit learned about

Israel’s history

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A Jewish Lifestyle

v     The chanichim will want to be part of the life that goes on in


v     The chanichim will hear what a Jewish lifestyle in

Israel includes.

v     The chanichim will realize that the Jewish life is happening and if they want to be part of it they should start get ready.

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