The Omer

There is a mitzva for us to count 49 days, 7 weeks, between Pesach and Shavuot. In fact, the Torah doesn’t even give us a date for Shavuot, it simply tells us that it is the 50th day after Pesach. Originally this time was the period that we could not eat new wheat. On shavuot they would bring the korban omer, and then wheat grown that year could be eaten.

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Passover-questions And Tasks

The booklet has different ideas and sources for the Shabbat before pesach.feel free to change and be creative!

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The Real Leader

המנהיג האמיתי

מתוך התבוננות בדמותו של משה רבינו

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Hgada For Pessach

נוסח ההגדה של פסח מוכן להדפסה

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Mrs. Doubtfire- Freedom

המטרה: שהחניך יבין שחירות היא להיות נאמן לאמת של עצמך.

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