Passover-questions And Tasks

The booklet has different ideas and sources for the Shabbat before pesach.feel free to change and be creative!

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I'm Free

Goal: the Chanichim should understand that real freedom doesn’t mean doing whatever you want and having no physical limits. The real freedom is about controlling yourself in a way that makes your soul and spirit free.

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Pessach Pictures

תמונות על חג הפסח

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Yetziat Mitzrayim

תקציר יציאת מצרים בסרטון

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Recipes For Pessach #2

מתכונים לפסח

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Kosher 4 Passover
Kosher 4 Passover
A lot of games for Pessach and for the seder itself A lot of information about the 10 makot and Pessach in General... Movie Clips, Jokes and more *On the home page there are a lot of links for games and information
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