K'far Etzion - הכרות עם כפר עציון

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Resource Goal

Goal: We are focusing on K'far Etzion. 

Resource Contents

The Game:

When beginning the game tell over this short story pertaining facts about K'far Etzion:

In 1932 Shmuel Holzmann bought land in the area that is now Gush etzion.  Later the kibbutz was named after him Etzion (Etz tree in Hebrew corresponding with Holz tree in Yiddish).  In 1937 they were chased out by the Arabs.  Then in 1942 the Jewish National Fund offered pioneers the choice to move back. In May 13, 1948, the Arab attack continues and its major force is directed at Kfar Etzion. All but four of the defenders are massacred. After that there is a period of
time when the gush etzion is not able to be lived in. In the summer of 1967, the sons and daughters of Kfar Etzion turned to Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol and requested permission to return to their home. After carefully considering the political implications of settlements in the newly-gained territories, Levi Eshkol gave his consent. Kfar Etzion was reestablished in September 1967.

Variation of: TO TELL THE TRUTH

Three players are chosen to act as cities (Yerushaliyim, Terat Tzvi, and K'far Etzion).  The rest of the chanichim will be split into teams of 4. A madrich will ask a question to each player one at a time.  The player of course is trying to get it right. Once the question is answered, the teams discuss with each other whether the answer it right or wrong.  The only thing is that if it is wrong they must tell you what the correct response is.  With each correct response they earn two points.  With a wrong response they loose 1 point.  Each sniff can decide whether to give a prize to the group with the most points.  For added fun put a time limit of 15 seconds for the groups to answer.
To Tearat Tzvi:

  1. Who was kibbutz tirat tzvi named afer?  Answer:  Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher
  2. What city is Tirat Tzvi located near?  Answer: Bet Shean
  3. When was kibbutz Tirat Tzvi built?  Answer: 1937

To K'far Etzion:

  1. In what year was the land for K'far Etzion bought? 1932
  2. Who was the founderof this kibbutz? Shmuel Holzmann
  3. In 1937 who was the prime minister that allowed the Israelis to moveback into K'far Etzion? Levi Eshkol

To Yerushaliyim:

  1. What is the name of the building where the Israel government meets? The Kennset.
  2. What big University is located in Yerushlayim?  Hebrew University
  3. Which museum in Yerushalayim houses the Dead Sea Scrolls?  The Israel Museum

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