Tu B'shvat

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Resource Goal
To teach the chanichim about the importance of Tu B'Shvat.

Resource Contents


Goal: To teach the chanichim about the importance of Tu Bshvat.

Instructions: 1.Give out the cards to your chanichim and tell each chanich at his turn to read his card. After all the cards have been read ask your chanichim what all the cards have in common. Eventually they will come to the conclusion that this fruit are Shivat Haminim. Explain to your chanichim that today is Tu Bshvat and this holiday is all about Israel and its nature.

2.Tell your chanichim the story about "Choni and the carob tree

3.The point of the game is to teach the chanichim about the

water problems in Israel.

Divide your chanichim into 3 groups, give each group a family card. Each family lives in a different place in Israel.

Each family needs a different quantity of water per day.

The madrich should hold the papers of the amounts of water and each group should try to convince everyone else that they need the water most.the point is to give out the water so that each family can survive. While the chanichim are arguing the madrich should tell them that because there was not enough water in Israel this year he must take some of the water away.

The madrich should repeat that step several times.

After the game explain to your chanichim that the water problem in Israel is so severe that every day each family in Israel must think how they can use less water.

The previous game shows us how important the Golan is to Israel because the Golan rivers run into Israels largest water source, Which is the Kinneret.

The whole peula dealt with Israel and its nature, tu bshvat is

not like every other holiday it is unique. It is a time to take a step back and think about nature and its miraculous wonders that Hashem creates for us on a daily basis.

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