Pyramid Charades

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Age: 10-18
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Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Moderate

Eight categories of things must be thought of beforehand (i.e. "The Sky is the Limit": Things which are in the sky - airplanes, clouds, the sun, kites, etc.) with 7 things in each category.  Each list is written on cards and divided according to category.


Two teams are chosen.  Two players are chosen from each team.  The first team chooses a category (the contents of which are hinted in the name of the category).  One player receives the names of things in the categories and has 30 seconds to give clues to the second player, so that s/he can guess the things.  The clues can describe the things in the category but cannot contain any part of the name of the things.  One point is received for every thing guessed within 30 seconds.  Then the second team picks another category and play continues.  After each team has had three turns (six categories are provided) the seventh round goes to whichever team is behind, and the eighth round goes to the other team.  Whichever team scores the most points, wins.


Hint:  To involve the most number of players, switch players after each round.

Examples of Categories:

Dress-up: Different pieces of clothing;

Brighten up the World: Things that create light, etc.

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