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·        Moo! – One player is sent out of the room. The remaining players pick one player to yell the loudest. When the player returns he is told he will have three chances to hear everyone yell “moo” and after each time he must try to guess who is yelling the loudest. If he guesses correctly, he will win if not he loses. The game is repeated once more, but this time when the player (player A) is out of the room, tell all of the other players that the next time they play, player A will be chosen to yell the loudest, and on the third time they yell “moo!” no one is to yell except player A. player A returns and has his/her tree guesses. Then someone else leaves the room, and player A is chosen to yell the loudest. On the third guess player A will yell “moo!” all by himself!


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