G.17. Blob

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Age: 10-18
Group Size: 10-58
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal

You’ll have to agree on boundaries for this game: some people will go to any lengths to avoid being caught by the Blob!

Resource Contents

G.17. Blob

The Blob begins as a sole individual, playing a game of tag.
As soon as s/he catches someone, s/he joins hands with him or her. Now the new person part of the Blob, too, and they both set out, hand in hand, in search of victims. Everyone the Blob catches (only the outside hand on either end of the Blob can snatch at players) joins hands with it and becomes part of the lengthening protoplasmic chain.
And the Blob keeps growing.
The Blob can also split itself into parts and organize raiding parties on the one few who have managed to escape.
The thrilling climax occurs when there’s only one player left to put up a heroic last-ditch stand.

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