Het heilige van Israel

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Korte Artikelen
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Am & Eretz Unity


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Connection To Israel

Teach chanachim that Am Yisrael Worked incredibly hard to get Eretz Yisrael, just like the chanachim worked really hard to get the treat. (You can go into details if there is time: they did physical work, political negotiatingjust like the tasks you did). And they waited 2000 years to return to Israel, just like they waited for this, Do you really think that Am Yisrael can just give up Eretz Yisrael now, without a fight?!?

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Eretz Israel In The Tanach

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Le '' tout entier est rempli de notre terre, . En sortant de cette activité, vos doivent être conscients de la raison de limportance que donne le '' à ce terrain géographique. A vous de faire vibrer lâme de vos pour notre si chère terre

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Explain that before the State of Israel, Jews had to be smuggled into

Israel, emphasize the desire of the Jews for a homeland, and the effort it took to achieve.

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Hatikva, What It Means To Me

That the Chanichim should understand the meaning of our country and the importance of the hope. Another goal is for them to understand the meaning of the national anthem of our land.

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