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Moshe Rabeenoe

Men zich laten realiseren dat op 7 adar Moshe Rabeenoe is overleden.

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Oenetane Tokef

Leer de Chanichim  waar Oenetane Tokef eigenlijk vandaan komt.

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4 Expressions Of Geula

סרט בן 10 דקות על 4 לשונות גאולה, אותם פעלים שמלווים אותנו לאורך ההיסטוריה.

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4 Expressions Of Geula

על 4 לשונות גאולה מההגדה והקשר שלהם אלינו במהלך הדורות

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Accomplishments - Ba Members


To describe the efforts and accomplishments of Bnei Akiva members in the United States to help found the State of Israel and since- smuggling arms, demonstrating, raising money... and relate them to the efforts and beliefs of the religious chalutzim.

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Am Yisrael Forever!

מטרת הפעולה:

להמחיש את נצחיות עם- ישראל.

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Goal:  To get the chanichim to think about:

            1-the challenges of Aliyah throughout history in different generations, from the time of Olei Bavel until today, and what lesson can be taken for our lives. 

            2-the specific hardships encountered by the immigrants detained in Atlit and why their situation was particularly difficult and historically important.

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Baal Shem Tov And The Vilna Gaon

Goals: Teach about the Besh’t, the Vilna Gaon, Chasidut and Mitnagdut; Teach about the conflict between these two groups, and the main principles behind each.

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Chafetz Chaim

Goals: Teach about the Mussar Movement, Lashon Hara, the Chafetz Chaim, and some of his books.

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