Establish of bilu movement

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Ivri Date: 1 Shvat, 5642

English Date: 21 January, 1882

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Bilu (Hebrew: ביל"ו‎; acronym based on a verse from the Book of Isaiah (2:5) "בית יעקב לכו ונלכה" "Beit Ya'akov Lekhu Ve-nelkha" ("House of Jacob, let us go [up]") was a group of Jewish idealists aspiring to settle in the Land of Israel with the political purpose to redeem Eretz Yisrael and re-establish the Jewish State on it.

The wave of pogroms of 1881-1884 and anti-Semitic "May Laws" of 1882 introduced by Tsar Alexander III of Russia prompted mass emigration of Jews from the Russian Empire. More than 2 million Jews fled Russia between 1880 and 1920. Vast majority of them emigrated to the United States, but some decided to make aliyah.

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Establish of bilu movement