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Plaidoyer Pour Ma Terre

Le plaidoyer de Herbert Pagani du 11 nov 1975

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Change From Within


To discuss the philosophy of working with non-religious Jews in order to achieve certain goals by finding a common basis with them.  (Respect them even if we don't agree with them  - tolerance). Working from within to affect change instead of ghettoizing ourselves from the outside world.

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Carrying A Weapon Into A Shul

To learn and discuss wether one is allowed to enetr a shul with a weapon - an important question for soldiers and the civilisation in Israel today who carry guns with them 24 hours a day.

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The Fall Of Shimshon

Goals: The chanichim will discuss that despite Shimshon’s true reason for living amongst the Pelishtim and starting up with him, he will become influenced by the end, and start giving into his ta’avot and his need for revenge. This will ultimately lead to his downfall.  The question in all of these stories is what are Shimshon’s intentions? Is he really 100% doing this as an undercover mission, or is he taking a lot of fringe benefits (women, power, strength, revenge)? Also the chanichim will discuss the difference between koach – physical strength – that Shimshon definitely has, and gevurah – spiritual strength, which it seems he lacks, and what we can learn from this about what the spiritual personality should be of a leader.

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How to sing & play the "Hatikva" the Israeli anthum, and what is the history behind it