Pesel Micha

Goal: The chanichim should see from this story the anarchy and immoral behavior that took place during the time of the Shoftim, largely because there was no king or strong central leader in charge. They will also see the irony and the backwardness shown in this story by the people who should be leaders.

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Remember Them 1

תמונות של אנשים אשר נפלו במלחמות ישראל

התמונות בשחור לבן עם כיתוב של כל אחד מאיזה חייל הוא.

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Brother Where Art Thou?

Topic: Following the themes of brotherhood in the parshot of Bereshit.

Goal: To have the chanichim think about their roles as siblings, and as siblings with all of Am Yisrael.

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To teach the chanachim that they have to listen to one another and how to go about it.

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Slavery Today

1. Slavery in


2. What is true slavery and freedom?

3. The impact slavery in

Egypt continues to have on us.

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