Rabin Yitzhak

The Biography of Yitzhak Rabin In 28 slides in English

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Israeli Cities-be’er Sheva

Teach about the significance of Be’er Sheva, the need for water in Israel, and making the desert bloom

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Rain, Rain Don't Go Away

Goals: To teach chanichim

1.      About the importance of water in life,

2.        Why Hashem chose a land wiyout a steady water supply

3.       The connection of water and Succot.

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Devarim Sheroim Misham Lo Roeim Michan

To Give the chanichim the opportunity to see things from different points of view.

Teach the chanichim to respect and learn from other people.

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Pidyon Shvuyim & Nachshon Waksman


      החניכים יבררו לעצמם את מושג פדיון שבויים ודעת ההלכה בנושא

      החניכים יחשפו לסיפורו של נחשון וקסמן

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