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Shavuot And Megillat Ruth

1. To learn about Shavuot through its many names2. To consider the different minhagim (customs) of Shavuot and understand their relevance3. To know the 'story' of Megillat Ruth

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The Omer

There is a mitzva for us to count 49 days, 7 weeks, between Pesach and Shavuot. In fact, the Torah doesn’t even give us a date for Shavuot, it simply tells us that it is the 50th day after Pesach. Originally this time was the period that we could not eat new wheat. On shavuot they would bring the korban omer, and then wheat grown that year could be eaten.

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Message à transmettre :

Faire comprendre aux hanihim l’importance de la fête, s’assurer qu’ils maîtrisent

la Meguila de Ruth ainsi que les dix commandements en sortant de la peoula.

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Shavuot Root & Torah

O     החניך ילמד את סיפור מגילת רות ויזדהה עם רצונה של רות לדבוק בתורה.

O     החניך ילמד את מהותו של חג השבועות והוא קבלת התורה כל שנה מחדש.

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  Históricamente se conoce con este nombre a la "Entrega de la Torá" o como algunos prefieren denominarla, la "Recepción de la Torá".

Este doble sentido, connota un pacto, así como también compromisos que se asumen y beneficios que se obtienen, cosas que se dejan de lado, normas nuevas por respetar, etc. ...

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