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Ethical Dilemmas In Israel

to get the chanichim to begin to get involved and interested (on their own accord) in Israeli politics

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Giving To Others Not Only When Its Comfortab...


The chanichim will understand the importance of giving to others not only when its comfortable and easy for them but also when its hard and they need to sacrifice of ourselves for others.

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Israeli Cities- Modiin

Teach about the development of cities in Israel; importance of location; things needed for a successful city;

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Israeli Cities-beer Sheva

Teach about the significance of Beer Sheva, the need for water in Israel, and making the desert bloom

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Israeli Cities-kiryat Shemona

Teach the reality of constant attack in Israel, as seen in Kiryat Shemona; Teach the history of the city, and of Tel Chai;

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Little Green... Jews??

Is environmentalism a Jewish value?


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Short Article

Modern Orthodoxy


Ø To learn that Avraham was the first modern orthodox jew

Ø To learn what modern orthodoxy is

Ø To realise that the we might differ from the charedi world but that doesnt mean we dont get on with them

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Prayer For The Safe Return Of Israel's Pows A...

Prayer for the missing Israeli soldiers

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The Disengagement

1. The chanichim should understand that the issue of disengagement is not black and white, and there are emotional, ideological, political and personal sentiments behind each and every opinion.

2. The chanichim should see that this is an issue that every Israeli cares about, and that American Jews should think about and attempt to form opinions about as well.

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