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Goal: Chanichim should see why Avimelech is such a terrible leader and what negative leadership traits we learn from him, and what happens when no one appropriate steps up to fill a leadership role.

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Goal: Teach the story of Barak and Devora

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Devorah And Barak


The chanichim should analyze the leadership skills of Devorah and Yael versus Barak. Devorah and Yael  step up to the challenge and provide leadership from the side, when no leadership is coming from the men.

The chanichim should start to see the instability of the Shoftim cycle – there is no one clear leader (Devorah, Barak or Yael?) and the disunity of the Shevatim (only the ones in danger come to fight).

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Ehud Ben Gera

Goals: Teach about the general pattern of Sefer Shoftim, and about the events of Ehud

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Ehud Ben Gera

Goals: The chanichim should see Ehud Ben Gera’s strengths as a leader, in how he used creative measures to save Am Israel, and how he used his own weaknesses to his advantage in battle.

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Goals: Teach the story of Gidon

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Gidon - The Man Who Could Have Been King


The chanichim will see the creative measures with which Gidon fights, and how he has progressed as a leader.

The chanichim will discuss why Gidon refuses to accept the offer to become King, and how if he had accepted, he might have ended the Shoftim cycle for good.

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Gidon And Leadership

Goal: Through the story of Gidon, the chanichim will discuss the issues of:

When its acceptable for a leader to step down.

Striking a balance as a leader between helping the community and taking time for yourself.

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