Die Gr?ndung des Staates 1948


9th Grade Peulah For Niagra Falls Tiyul

To compare this situation with Herzl’s Uganda Program and to invoke thoughts and discussion on why the two attempts at making a Jewish State outside of Israel did not work and also to teach history while creating a greater understanding of the importance of Israel to us as a people.

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Dreams Can Come True

1. To think about the importance of dreams

2. To consider the changes throughout Herzl's life and his dream

3. To consider how we all need to dream and work to allow our dreams to become reality

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Giborim-the Lamed Hey

Teach the story of the Lamed Hey

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Haggana - Hakamat Hamedina

Teach about the struggles of Jewish Defense before the State of Israel, and the role played in the establishment of the State.

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Explain that before the State of Israel, Jews had to be smuggled into

Israel, emphasize the desire of the Jews for a homeland, and the effort it took to achieve.

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Happy Birthday Dear "knesset"

Goal- The Chanich will learn the story of establishing the Knesset in a fun way.

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Happy Birthday Knesset Ppt

11 Slides with pics about establishing the Knesset

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Liberating The Wall

The following two stories of Israeli soldiers, who participated in the liberation, exemplify how the Wall has touched the hearts of Jews throughout the ages.

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Medina Trivia

To teach chanachim about the hsitory of Israel and Zionism through the quiz

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