The First Snif- Alef -

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Tipo de recursos: Peula Idiomoa: English

Edad 9 - 12

Cantidad de participantes en el grupo 10 - 40

Tiempo estimado: 45 minutos

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Objetivo del recurso


  • The chanichim will have fun ,meet the group and the madrich
  • The chanich will come again to the next activity.
  • The chanich will get gain information about rosh hashana.

Contenidos de los recursos

The first peula BA TORONTO


  • The chanichim will have fun ,meet the group and the madrich
  • The chanich will come again to the next activity.
  • The chanich will get gain information about rosh hashana.



3.tic tac to


Estimated time:45-60 minutes.

Things to prepare:

tic-tac-to board

words of himnon (cut from paper)

papers from 2 colors for each group.

The big word bcltva

ignss for the questions

The peula:

step 1:opening

present yourself to the chanichim.Tell them you will meet them every shabbat at the time of mifkad wearing your tilboshet.explain that after mifkad you will have a peula.

Step 2: game

Choose one of these games and play it with the chanichim.the goal of the game is that they get to know you and eachother in a creative way.

ý Pass a snack between your chanichim.everyone can take as much as they want from the snack,but tell them not to eat yet.for each peace that they took,each chanich has to tell everyone one peace of information about themselves.

ý Give the group a ball.One chanich should throw the ball to someone else and shout his name.slowly throw some more balls into the circle.the chanichim must keep throwing them without making any mistakes.

ý The group sits in a circle facing outside.the first chanich says a sentence that only one person in the room would understand that the sentence refers to them.The chanich that understood that says the second sentence about third oneetc.










Step 3: tic tac to

Put the board you made on the floor.

Explain the rules of the game.there are 2 groups, each group has a color.the goal is to block a row on the board with their color.

The first group chooses a square.

tell them: you chose a square with a mission / question.

If it is a mission:tell them what the time limits for it and make sure they dont go over it.

If the group succeded,put a paper with their color( on the square and move to the next group.if the group didnt answer correctly / fulfill the mission the square stays empty and they could choose it again next time.


ý Count at least 3 speacial foods we eat on rosh hashana and the reason we eat them .

Answer: rimon " "

An apple with honey a sweet year " "

A head of a fish

ý What is the second name of rosh hashana?





Answer: 3

ý How long is Rosh Hashana in Israel?

Answer: Rosh hashana is the only chag that is celebrated in israel for 2 days,exactly like in canada.

ý Why do we blow the shofar?

1.the shofar is ment to wake us to and improve our behavior.

2.we want the to know that we are praying and to come and join us. former times people didnt know how to read and they blew the shofar instead of praying.this minhag stayed with us today.

Answer: 1

ý Count 3 things we are not alowed to do on Yom kippur.

Answer: eating,drinking,wearing leather shoes,bathing.

ý How many years old is Bnei akiva?





Answer: 75 years

ý What is the name of your rosh snif?

ý What hidden is in the word ?


Add as many questions as you want


ý You have 2 minutes to find out what does BCLTVAmeans?give the

chanichim a paper with the word on it)


ý Stand in a row arranged by your ages.Oldest one in each end.(by month)

ý Find out the names your madrichims parents in a minute.

ý Arrange the words of the himnon in their order.

ý Identify 3 signes and explain how they relate to chodash tishrei.

ý Find out how many people above the age of 17 are at the snif today.

ý Sing a song for rosh hashana

Add missions as much as you want

Step 4 summary:

We are starting today a new year of activity in Bnei Akiva.It is very important for me (the madrich) that each one of you will cime to our next activity.follow the bnei akiva luach in your school and find out what time snif is at.

Dont forget to come with blue and white.

Give the chanichim the paper with your and the rashei snifs names and phone numbers.

This peula is mainly in order to have fun and that is the reason the summary isnt connected to the attention to every chanich and try and as active as you can.

Good luck!

Ask your chanichim what are their expectations from you and from bnei akiva and write them down on motzaei shabat.

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