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9th Grade Peulah For Niagra Falls Tiyul

To compare this situation with Herzls Uganda Program and to invoke thoughts and discussion on why the two attempts at making a Jewish State outside of Israel did not work and also to teach history while creating a greater understanding of the importance of Israel to us as a people.

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A Post-zionist State?

To have the chanichim think about what Zionism means to them and to show that even though Israel has changed from a country facing military and technological difficulties to a high-tech, modern, well-armed nation does not mean that Zionism is dead.

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Aliyaah During Worl War Ii And Its Aftermath ...

To teach chanachim about the basic facts on Aliyaah during the 2nd World War.

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Aliyah--not As East As It Seems

For the chanichim to realize the difficulties Jews have had (and still have) when making aliyah, and despite that so many have and continue to do so.

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Am Yisrael B'eretz Yisrael--the Love Story

The chanichim will understand how deep is the KESHER (the connection, relationship) between us - Am-Yisrael, and our land-Eretz-Yisrael.

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Goal: To get the chanichim to think about:

1-the challenges of Aliyah throughout history in different generations, from the time of Olei Bavel until today, and what lesson can be taken for our lives.

2-the specific hardships encountered by the immigrants detained in Atlit and why their situation was particularly difficult and historically important.

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Be An Israeli

1. Shaw the Chanichim different sides in the Israeli character.

2. Have them understand that being Israeli is a very different and better lifestyle.

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Bool Zbang - The Way Home Is Paved With Zioni...

Ü To see some differences between life in the

USA and Life in


Ü To understand that its easier to live a full Jewish life in


Ü To learn that you must be fair to your peers if you want them to be fair to you.

Ü To improve the group dynamics of your group.

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Can You Be A Zionist In Chutz Laaretz?

Objective: The chanichim will realize the complexity and the different sides of the issue of who is a real Zionist. Namely, that an American sending money to support the State of Israel, though important, today may not be considered by everyone to be a real Zionist.

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Background: Chaluziut is loosely translated as pioneering but we will see how the definition can be sharpened.

Goals:The chanichim will be able to define what Chaluziut is. They will compare the original definition given in Tanach to how modern Zionisim defines the Chalutz. Different characteristics of the Chalutz should be discussed. Does being a Chalutz describe one aspect of life, or is it a philosophy of life? To what extent are we Chaluzim? The chanichim will also be able to give examples of individual Chaluzim who have impacted


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