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Caracteristicas Del Niño

Que los janijim que están en pleno proceso de formación (Seminario de Hadraja) tengan conocimiento general acerca del niño y sus características

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Mono pessah

Jeu sur pessah (mono poly..)

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10 Makot Night

ערב על עשר המכות של יציאת מצריים

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9th Grade Adar Peula

Goal: to teach the chanichim some Purim/Adar games!

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A Really Big Game

המטרה- להעביר את תכני החג בצורה חוויתית.

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A-z Games

Many  ideas games to add in peula

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Balagan Peolah

ערב כייפי ומגבש

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Bienvenue à La Journée Du Pop C...

Journée en machane sur le theme du pop corn

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Bnei Akiva: Yad Achim

Goal: Here is a fun way for us to help our chanichim/ot to think about (and maybe even learn) the words of Yad Achim. It was written by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriah, during sukkot, 1932. For quick reference, here are the real words (backwards because it's Hebrew):

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Chanuka Party- Riddels

מטרה: ערב כיף לחנוכה

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Chanukah Quiz

The chanich will learn the story of Chanukah in a fun way

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Chanukah Quiz

רעיונות לשאלות לחידון חנוכה

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