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Chutes And Yaacov's Ladder

Goal: To review the story of Yaacov and his dream and some trivia about

Israel, and of course to have fun!!

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Ladders To Israel

To teach the chanachim about Parshat Vayetze and Yaakov's dream and also about the land of Israel through an interactive quiz.

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Hoja de fuentes
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Parshat Vayetze

To teach the chanachim about parshat Vayetze

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Parshat Vayetzi

To teach the chanachimthe meaning of our identity. That an identity is what makes us unique and different. That there are two things that define our identity: our Hashkafa and our Mitzvot- or in other words our mind and our body. That themind is more important because the body does what the mind says. In this peula we will attempt to inform the Chanichim about what our identity is and how it makes us different.

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Play Yaacovs Dream (younger Kids)

To understand Yaacov's dreams

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The Importance Of Names

Aims OF Peula:

To learn that each name has a meaning

To learn about the life of Rabbi Akiva

To think about what names say about a Person and why we are called Bnei Akiva

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