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Le Goush Katif

nous essayons dexpliquer aux hanihim ce que fut le Goush Katif et ce que fut lexpulsion de ses habitants.

Nous en profitons pour expliquer aux hanihim limportance dEretz Israel: on ne peut vendre ou donner aucune parcelle du cadeau dHashem

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The goal:

To understand, that the giving is something, that you cant leave without it, and you have to have it. Each one has the Midah of Netina , in himself, but you can make your Midah much bigger. It all depends on you.

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Ahavat Olam, Or Lagoyim

Imbue chanichim with pride for what Israel does around the world

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All For One And One For All the sentence all for one, one for all

" " the Bnei Akiva semel puzzle.

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Am I Doing Enough

To get the Chanichim thinking about the ways people help Israel. Maybe find ways for them to help even more then they do today.

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To make the chanichim aware of caring for their closet circle

To help the chanich identify what values he cares about most.

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