Deuxième temple

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peoula (activite)

Galout /geula

Le message à transmettre:

Apprendre à regarder les similitudes entre la et notre . A partir de la de nous pouvons apprécier et regarder le début du retour à .

But:Montrer aux le parallèle entre lexil dEgypte et celui daujourdhui.

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peoula (activite)

Le Beth Hamikdash

Message à transmettre: Instruire les hanihim sur limportance du kotel et leur faire prendre conscience que les actions de chaque juif personnellement ont des conséquences énormes pour tout le peuple dIsraël

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peoula (activite)

Chanuka--what Really Happened There

Teach about the Gevura of the Maccabim, as well as about the story of Chanuka

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peoula (activite)

Giborim- Masada

To teach about the heroism that occurred at

Masada, and about the history of that event.

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peoula (activite)

Massada And The Bar Kochba Revolt

To learn about the Bar Kochba Revolt which was a last attempt to liberate

Jerusalem from the Romans after the destruction of the Bayt HaMikdash. To discuss if the mass suicide at Massada was justified. Please note, Massada is not in

Jerusalem, but rather the

Negev. It is slightly off topic, but still a very important part of our story.

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peoula (activite)
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peoula (activite)

The Dedication Of The Second Temple


This peulah is less mussar, more celebration. We are going to rebuild the

Temple!!! (well, sort of )

plus, the usual history lesson

a little review on the importance of having a beit mikdash

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peoula (activite)

The Return To Israel From Babylonia

To learn the story of the return to

Zion up until the halt of the building of the



To learn about the damage of rumors

"keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

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peoula (activite)

The War Against The Jews

Aims OF Peula:

For the chanichim to have a better and clearer picture of the history of the Holocaust.

For them to realise that ALL Jews were persecuted regardless of what country they were in during the Second World War occupation.

To see that Nazi Germany made special laws against the Jews.

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