K.2. Draw Body On Brown Paper

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Ans 10 - 18

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K.2. Draw Body on Brown Paper

An experienced moderator should be responsible for running this exercise. It is initially very private, but also helps people to get to know one another on a more than superficial level and will develop a group sense.
This game is good for a group who will be spending 3-4 weeks, or longer, in one place, e.g.., kibbutz, a camp. This game can later be repeated weekly, before another activity, allowing 30 minutes each time.
Recommended as an evening program activity, with a relaxed atmosphere, soft music and lighting.

All participants receive a 2 meter (or longer) sheet of brown packing paper and are asked to pair up with a friend, so that they can trace each other’s body outline on a sheet of brown packing paper. (This is done by having the participant lie down on the floor while his or her partner traces his or her body outline on the paper.)
Put on soft music and supply crayons. Ask the participants to draw into the outline their feelings and experiences.
The moderator goes around the room and asks each person explain what s/he drew (without feedback).

Participants draw their outlines and fill them in weekly, but explain their drawings
only in the first and last session.

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