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חיי שרה

אפשרויות סינון:

Eizehu Ashir – Hasame’ach Bechelko!

Goal: To teach the chanichim to be thankful for what they have ????

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Nos Avot


a)    Expliquer ce qu’ont fait Avraham, Itsh’aq et Yaakov dans leurs vies.

b)   Faire comprendre que ces hommes avaient des Midot, que l’on doit nous même travailler, en prenant exemple sur eux.

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פעולה שבת פרשת חיי שרה

1. To learn about the events surrounding the

cave of


2. To think about what it means to have a right to

Israel - What does or should ownership entail?

3. To understand the responsibility that goes hand in hand with possession.

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