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Baal Shem Tov And The Vilna Gaon

Goals: Teach about the Besh’t, the Vilna Gaon, Chasidut and Mitnagdut; Teach about the conflict between these two groups, and the main principles behind each.

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Chafetz Chaim

Goals: Teach about the Mussar Movement, Lashon Hara, the Chafetz Chaim, and some of his books.

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R. Shimshon Raphael Hirsch

Goals: Teach about the rise of the Reform Movement in Jewish History, and the Orthodox response, focusing on the role of Rav Hirsch.

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R. Yakov Emden And R. Moshe Chaim Luzzato

Goals: Teach about two Acharonim, Ramchal and R. Yakov Emden. Teach the history of Shabtai Zvi and how this affected Judaism in the aftermath

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