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Akeidat Yitzchak

To learn the story of Akeidat Yitzchak

To understand that Akeidat Yitzchak took place on what is now known as Har Habayit.

To discuss the issue of faith and trust in both Hashem and other people in relation to Akeidat Yitzchak and our everyday lives

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Amalek - Parshat Zachor

Discuss Amalek, their history, and the relevant mitzvot relating to them.

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Anti-semitism And The Holocaust


1. You will begin to understand the nature and uniqueness of the Holocaust.

2. You should be able to begin to understand the enormity of the "war" against the Jews.

3. You should begin to understand that the Shoah was perpetrated by human beings - normal people who were fathers, mothers, architects, lawyers, engineers, doctors, church-goers, cultured people.

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Bnei R Akiva

Goal:  To discuss why our tnua is named after Rabbi Akiva, to review the meaning

behind Bnei Akiva rites and rituals.

Peulah:  You know your kvutza (e.g. whether they are active, contemplative, etc.) – select ONE of these peulot and adapt it as appropriate.  You may be able to get through both peulot but more likely, one will take up the majority of your time, and you do want to save some time for going through and explaining the “rites” and “rituals”

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Chutes And Yaacov's Ladder

Goal: To review the story of Yaacov and his dream and some trivia about

Israel, and of course to have fun!!

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Goal: Teach the story of Barak and Devora

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Ehud Ben Gera

Goals: Teach about the general pattern of Sefer Shoftim, and about the events of Ehud

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Eizehu Ashir – Hasame’ach Bechelko!

Goal: To teach the chanichim to be thankful for what they have ????

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Eli Cohen

Goals: to learn about the 12 Meraglim (spies); To learn about Eli Cohen

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Eli Cohen

To learn about the 12 Meraglim (spies); To learn about Eli Cohen

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