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4 Minim Quiz

חידות על ארבעת המינים של סוכות

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All Together Now- Arba Minim

Goals: To teach the chanichim that

1. Every person has something special and different to contribute to the Klal.

2. Achdut means bringing different people together for a common goal.

3. This is the message of the Arba Minim

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Back To Basics-succot

Noseh:  Appreciating Hashem through nature

Goal: To teach the chanichim that

1.      Natural beauty is a way to appreciate God in the world

2.      Succot is a time-out we take to reconnect to nature, in order to appreciate Hashem’s wondrous creation.

3.      While appreciating nature, we also need to appreciate our dependence on Hashem. 

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He & She For Tishrey

משחקי מילים של היא והוא לחגי תשרי

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Hidden Words For Sucoot

משחק מילים מתחבאות לחג הסוכות

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Ideas For Activities- Starting The Year And C...

All ages should have a chance to: get to know their Shevet and their Madrichim, hear what the plans for the year are and have a fun event so that they will want to come back for more.

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Mix Words For Succot

משחק מילים מבולבלות לחג הסוכות

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Rain, Rain Don't Go Away

Goals: To teach chanichim

1.      About the importance of water in life,

2.        Why Hashem chose a land wiyout a steady water supply

3.       The connection of water and Succot.

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Shlomit Bone Sukka

השיר שלומית בונה סוכה עם ציורים ומילות השיר בעברית ואנגלית

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