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Proving to the chanichim that we should be “all for one and one for all”.  Working together is usually the best solution.

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Short Article

Dvora Parashat Vayishlach

השליחה האנונימית- לימוד לפרשת וישלח

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Play / skit

Kollel Play

Teach the chanachim the story of Yaakovs dream and how Hashem promised us the land of Israel as our homeland.

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Rachel Imenu, Learning To Forgo

To teach the chanichim about (1) Rachel’s unique character, therefore (2) why she’s the only one of our Avot and Imahot who is buried in a different place, as well as (3) why Rachel was the only one who was able to convince Hashem to bring the nation out of exile.

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Slavery Today


1. Slavery in Egypt

2. What is true slavery and freedom?

3. The impact slavery in Egypt continues to have on us.

Topic: End of Breishit/Beginning of Shmot - Slavery

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The Security Fence

Aims OF Peula:

·        To learn that there is a security fence and its purpose

·        To understand that

Israel has a right to defend itself and has a deep caring for human life

·        To realise that

Israel has been singled out unfairly

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