hazofe-becoming a daily newspaper

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Ivri Date: 13 Tevet, 5698

English Date: 17 December, 1937

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HaTzofe (Hebrew: הצופה‎, The Observer) was a Hebrew language daily newspaper published in Israel. In April 2007, it was reduced to weekly publication.

According to the paper's website, its point of view is Zionist, nationalist and religious. It claimed to be the only daily newspaper of the Israeli political right, with an emphasis on religious Zionism. The newspaper had been associated in its past to the Mizrachi movement as well as being the beacon of National Religious Party.

In the May 2003, Shlomo Ben-Tzvi purchased the newspaper and in 2004, he purchased the weekly Makor Rishon as well. On April 25 2007, HaTzofe stopped publishing a daily edition, instead becoming a weekly insert in Makor Rishon which instead began daily operations.

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