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10 Tevet

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10 Tevet

Teach the chanachim about the fight between the jews and the babalonians for Yerushalayim.

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10th Tevet

Why do we have asara btevet? Beyond that, why do we have to fast?

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A Jewish Lifestyle

v     The chanichim will want to be part of the life that goes on in


v     The chanichim will hear what a Jewish lifestyle in

Israel includes.

v     The chanichim will realize that the Jewish life is happening and if they want to be part of it they should start get ready.

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Am Yisrael Forever!

מטרת הפעולה:

להמחיש את נצחיות עם- ישראל.

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Asara B'tevet - The Seige On Yerushalayim

To teach the chanachim all about Asara Btevet.

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Asara Btevet Tekes

Teach everyone why we have 10th Tevet and why we fast.

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Ba During The Holocaust

להציף את העובדה שבני עקיבא הייתה קיימת בזמן השואה וכי אנשים פעלו עם התנועה ועל פי ערכי התנועה.

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