Bnei Akiva

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Yad Achim

A fun way for us to help our chanichim/ot to think about (and maybe even learn) the words of Yad Achim.

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About Bnei Akiva

Teach the chanachim about the basic principals of Bnei Akiva

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Happy Birthday-bnei Akiva

The Chanichim should learn basic and important information about Bnei Akiva and identify and understand a bit more about Bnei Akita’s values and ideals.

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Jewish American Or American Jew???

Goal: Based on everything we have seen so far on the trip, the assimilation, but success of Jews in America, the chanichim should discuss the question; is it ok to call America our home or not? Either way, they should understand that they can never fully feel totally at home in

America while remaining loyal to

Israel, and what ramifications this has on where we as Jews should be living.

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Torah V'avodah

To familiarize the Chanichim with the goal of Torah Va’Avodah—to establish a model society in Israel which will serve as an Or Lagoyim—and to emphasize the Spectrum of varied roles that must be filled in order to accomplish this goal.

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