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2bshvat & Rosh-pinna

GOAL: So the goal is that the Chanichim will understand how deep is the connection between Am-Yisrael and Eretz-Yisrael and how trees are helping that connection and making it stronger. The city that we are going to talk about is called Rosh-Pinna- One of the best examples for people who got connected to their land through trees.

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Aleph Peula: Parashat Bo

To teach the chanachim about Tu B'Shvat.

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Chalutzim And Eretz Yisrael

Tu Bishvat =tree planting= the best way to show that Hashem gave US Israel. (trees show ownership over the land). And who planted trees and settled the land? Chalutzim.

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Source Sheet

Environment And Tu Bishvat- Family Learning

family lerning for Tu Bishvat

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Hafrashat Chala

Learning about the meening of Hafrashat Chala in an interesting way and connecting it twitho Tu Be'Svat.

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Happy Birthday Dear "knesset"

Goal- The Chanich will learn the story of establishing the Knesset in a fun way.

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Happy Birthday Knesset Ppt

11 Slides with pics about establishing the Knesset

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Short Article

How Is It Like To Be A Tree?

Once upon a time I was asking a tree:

Tree, how is it like to be a tree?

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Ideas For Tu B'shvat

To educate, refresh, remind participants about Tu BShvat, what it means etc.Learning about the importance of tree planting, and the types of fruit that are indigenous to Israel. The seasons from the agricultural perspective in Israel Trees in the Tu BShvat seder- preparations for roles in the Seder

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Ilan Ramon Zl- Im Going To Israel And Im B...

To understand what was so special about Ilan Ramon

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Israel Happening

learning about Israel in interesting and fun way!

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