Bnei Akiva

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Am I Doing Enough

To get the Chanichim thinking about the ways people help Israel. Maybe find ways for them to help even more then they do today.

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Family Learning - Aliya\ Abraham

To learn together about Aliya. in this pages- about Abraham Avinu. How did Abraham leave him family and him homeland and went to a new land?! We learn from Abraham to trust and believe in ה' . When ה' says to Abraham to go to Eretz Israel. He does not ask any questions. He takes everything he owns and starts out walking to the Promised Land –that is how Abraham become the firs new immigrant to come to the Land of Israel. Abraham is our Father and we walk in his footsteps and we return to the Land of Israel. The land that ה' promised to Abraham and to all the Jews

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Rabbi Akiva

To teach the chanichim a bit about one of the fathers of our movement – Rabbi Akiva.

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Torah Va’avodah In Eretz Yisrael

¨ To understand the difference between Galut and Geulah.

¨ To help the Chanichim understand what living in Israel means according to our ideology.

¨ To make sure the Chanichim believe the Derech of Torah Ve’Avodah is correct.

¨ To help the Chanichim feel confidant and proud of the Bnei Akiva ideology.

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