Bnei Akiva

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That the chanichim will understand the importance of mifkad, and will show respect for it.  In particular, that the chanichim understand that we should especially be respectful during Hatikva, the himnon of Medinat Yisrael.

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The Semel


Learn the importance of symbols in general

Get to know the meaning of the Semel Bnei Akiva

Understand more about the messages of Bnei Akiva

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Bnei Rabbi Akiva

To discuss why our tnua is named after Rabbi Akiva, to review the meaning

behind Bnei Akiva rites and rituals.

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All For One And One For All the sentence “all for one, one for all “

                                      יהי כבוד חברך חביב עליך כשלך" " the Bnei Akiva semel puzzle.

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The Ideal Jew

To determine how Bnei Akiva views the ideal Jew.

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