Bnei Akiva

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Peula- Chevraya Zach

Goal: To teach the chanichim about Rav Kook and why he is so great to be the Rebbe of Bnei Akiva

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Rabbi Akiva

To teach the chanichim a bit about one of the fathers of our movement – Rabbi Akiva.

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Bnei Akiva In A Nutshell

Aleph: To learn as to what Bnei Akiva is all about! To learn about the semel and its significance. To understand what exactly is Torah ve’Avodah? Bet: To understand what exactly is Torah ve’Avodah?

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Torah Va’avodah In Eretz Yisrael

¨ To understand the difference between Galut and Geulah.

¨ To help the Chanichim understand what living in Israel means according to our ideology.

¨ To make sure the Chanichim believe the Derech of Torah Ve’Avodah is correct.

¨ To help the Chanichim feel confidant and proud of the Bnei Akiva ideology.

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The Final Countdown

We talk of counting the omer, but what is the omer? And what is its significance? There are so many questions that we could (and should!) ask, but we are going to focus a few…

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