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Cluedo Sur Eretz Israel

Cluedo sur Eretz Israel ,idéal pour une soirée ou pour une activité de jour.

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peoula (activite)

Le Goush Katif

nous essayons d’expliquer aux ‘hani’him ce que fut le Goush Katif et ce que fut l’expulsion de ses habitants.

Nous en profitons pour expliquer aux ‘hani’him l’importance d’Eretz Israel : on ne peut vendre ou donner aucune parcelle du cadeau d’Hashem

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peoula (activite)

"oh The Places You'll Go!"

1) Teach the Chanichim about the diversity of Israeli Culture in the cities around the country.

2) Emphasize the positive traits and values which we can learn from each of these places/sects of Israeli society.

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peoula (activite)


Goal:  To get the chanichim to think about:

            1-the challenges of Aliyah throughout history in different generations, from the time of Olei Bavel until today, and what lesson can be taken for our lives. 

            2-the specific hardships encountered by the immigrants detained in Atlit and why their situation was particularly difficult and historically important.

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peoula (activite)

Colour War (israel)

To teach chanachim the history of Israel through a human board game/quiz.

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De 12 Shwatiem

De Chanichiem iets te leren over de 12 Shwatiem / Stammen.

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De Galil


De ligging, welke belangrijke steden er liggen, welke Tenach gebeurtenissen er plaats vonden, welke grote geleerden er geleefd hebben

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peoula (activite)

Do You Know Israel & Tradition?!

מטרה- שהילדים ייחשפו לאזורים שונים בארץ ישראל ומורשת ישראל.

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peoula (activite)

Geografia Y Lugares De Israel

aprender sobre ciudades y lugares de Israel

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peoula (activite)

Going On A Hike

הקדמה: החניכים בפעולה יעברו הפעלות הקשורות לכל הקשיים אשר הם יעמדו לעבור בטיול  כלומר "להקדים תרופה למכה".

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