Israel = Trees

המטרות : א. להפגיש את המשתתפים עם מדרשים הקשורים בפרות הארץ.

ב. להביא לחשיבה על הקשר שבין עם ישראל לארץ ישראל בדרך יצרתית.

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Korte Artikelen

Modern Orthodoxy


Ø  To learn that Avraham was the first modern orthodox jew

Ø  To learn what modern orthodoxy is

Ø  To realise that the we might differ from the charedi world but that doesn’t mean we don’t get on with them

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Israel! Or Maybe Not?!

Goal-to teach the chanichim that the only place for the Jewish people is in


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How To Run A Local Veida

Goals of the local Veida:

Increasing the youth’s involvement and strength

Allowing every member to influence the movement and its future

Setting goals and planning ways to achieve them

Accepting new challenges and aspirations

Pausing for a moment, taking a look from the side and figuring out our future

(send recommendations and delegates to the continent/World Veida)

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